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Our Lost Love

Please help us, set us free from her memory shrouded in grief
It’s time to let go, to grieve and release
We’ve been exposing ourselves, to everything held in
Allowing it to slip through our minds, digging its claws in
Heartwrenching, soul tearing, body numbing
Can’t reopen wounds that never healed
We need you, each in our own way, we all self blame
No matter what we say or do, realize
The only way left, is to face the truth
There is nothing we could do, nothing we could change
It’s time to start remembering you for who you were
Instead of why you aren’t anymore
We’ve missed you and love you but you already know
You’ve been watching us
Trying to help us breathe, trying to set us free
At last, I’m starting to see the way being cleared
It feels like the air, cool and crisp
Remembering the happiness in our nostalgic memories
Until we meet again, we’re going to rebegin
Because we see you smiling, waving, waiting for that day
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