Flash Poet

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I’ll soon be away

from your confusing displays

No longer forever and a day

Just a hop, skip and jump away

And I’ll be the farthest from dismayed

When you’ve finally realized I’ve drifted away

What will be left to say?

Will your tongue halt and your body freeze?

I’m sure the excuses will wither when you see

That you can’t even tempt me to stay

Too long have I been imprisoned

Too long have I been starved

For affection; for love; for any positive emotions at all

I was silent through all the lessons forced upon me

I was silent when repercussions were handed out, be it my fault or otherwise

But I held together and survived

Kept going no matter the setbacks or easier roads

Fore there was one thing I was gonna be damned sure about

And it was that if I was gonna leave, it would be because of me

Everything’s now set and falling into place

There’s only one thing left...

The count down.

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