Flash Poet

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Imagined Voice

I do not know you

nor have I heard you speak
Yet the voice inside from which you rhyme
Can be heard clearly throughout my mind

Probabilities never cease to amaze me
Thousands of opportunities always interchanging
Yet out of everyone, you chose this body as your host
Chose my soul as your final hope

For an untold power
A smoldering, fasting fire
Match having already been lit
Just waiting for the spark to catalyze it

I will secure your passion into a deadly weapon
Razing the minds of others like kindling
Paving the way to create a whole new
Bonfire to burn even brighter

Out with the old, in with the new
Forget what we’ve been told
Blazing a new craze, all starting with you
My sleeping core, my inner strength

A fiery temper, dampened by the rain’s embrace
A hidden tear, before it’s seen will have evaporated
Got my blood, sweat and tears covered
Now it’s time to vanquish my fears

By turning my Fear into Faith
It’s a way to cope as well as give thanks
Not even a single thought spared
For anothers’ hatred to wear

Too busy focused on this scorching ache
To worry about past mistakes
If it’s concerning any of my haters
I’ll just leave it all up to fate’s flames

This crackling whisper
That sends heat licking along my veins
Spreading its warmth into the recesses
Of my hidden, ice cold sanctuary

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