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Parent's P.O.V.

There She Goes

Look at my baby
up on stage
‎just like a Daydream

Feels like yesterday
When I still took her out to play
But here we are today
The time just slipped away

It’s time to find her own path to take
But my baby’s still afraid
Got some butterflies she still can’t seem to shake
Doesn’t wanna separate

It should be a reason to:
Now that she’s ready to:

I wouldn’t dare argue
To settle for a slowdown
Even though you’re too far to
Keep your feet on the ground

Because you’re of a rare quality
That’s short in quantity
This is our legacy
Passed Down the family tree

I promised I wouldn’t cry
But these tears putting up a fight
Just imagining the star of my life
Soon to be someone’s wife

To me you’re precious
You’re my heart’s content
I can explain intent
But where to begin?

Now it’s your turn to shine
I’m sure you’ll do just fine
Girl you make me proud
And I don’t mind shouting it out loud

There She Goes
Look at my baby
up on stage
‎just like a Daydream

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