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A Warning

It's hurting

You’re lashing
With the pain
You keep spinning around
And aiming a pointing finger
Who’s next? Who’s next?
No telling who has to hide
Bide their time
Wait till the storms past
I watch
As you reach the eye of the storm
I can’t make a sound
As I see them resurface
For fear of being caught
When the storm comes back around
I watch
As their eyes meet mine
Caught in a silent plea
Calling out so desperately
But I never moved
I’m still hiding
I watch
As new people approach
From density or
A hopeless campaign
To save whose been tossed
Or destroy the very one who’s lost
But approach they do
I wait until you’re back is turned
Just to trip the wicked spur
And pull the innocents
Back into the shadows
And watch as you whip around
Ready to pounce
On the fallen
On the standing
The retreating
Or the charging
It doesn’t matter who you reach
As long as their someone you seek
To dull your pain
Until the lashing slows
And the hurting ebbs and flows
And its finally ok to stay
The survivors of your storm
Need to heal from the thorns that tore
Whilst I
Pretend I had never left
And hadn’t seen a thing
Ignoring those who wept
Shutting of any emotions that would bring
Ill take your hand
Quietly wipe whatever tears remain
And take you outside to play
Hand in hand
With your monster back in its pen
Walk away with you
To the damage dealt
Or the scars inflicted
Even though its my place to say
Im still not strong enough today
If I even try to open my mouth
Then it would be venom leaking out
Wisps of dark emotions come to light
Now I have my own will to fight
In the name of protection
Fore now MY demon’s
Knocking on the door
Fueled by what its seen
And excited for what it has in store
I’ve closed all windows to the soul
No more warnings
But its the price I paid
So your support I could stay
But please
Heed me
Be as far away from here
Every inch you can muster
Please I pray
When my demon finally comes out to play
Because when I break
There will be no hesitation
No pause to take
I closed my eye so no one could see it
So there won’t be a single break
For those who have to endure it
The demon inside
Already has a wall planned
For displaying the hides
Of those it marked
But my demon only wants to eat
The ones with a monster lurking
In their hearts
No matter the pain
If you’re lashing
Even if its hurting
We’ll eat you first
So while I can
I’ll help to banish the fan
That incites your flames
So you will be taken off my demon’s list
One day

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