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Hope Dwindling; Kindling?

“Faith plants the seeds

Love makes it grow”

Buy why is everything moving
Just so slow
I’ve been a good girl
Putting on the politest of shows

Its true there is no sunlight
Nor is there rain at day or night
The only versions I have
Release a metaphor akin to termites

My tears are poisoned with hardships
Disbelief, regret and mourning
Dying even the soil
A terrible shade of death

My hopes shed not a single day
So shrouded by cruelty
Or kept in check by my anger
That even the cracks have been sealed within my demeanor

Here lies the cracked and chipped seed
Under a fog of sadness
Slowly pressed into the ground
Soon to be another flower that remains in its book

So please go home, come back another time
And when you do grab a few pieces
Of sunshine and a cup of rain
There may yet be hope of a ‘some day’

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