Flash Poet

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I like to play outside in the dirt

When people call me before him

Before going out to play and put on sunscreen first

And no matter, I still get sunburned

And when I go to school in the fall

I’m still whiter than the walls

They label me as fat and shy

Always tiptoeing around me like imma cry

When I say I’m allergic to nickel

They rub the money all over my skin

I’m also allergic to Lavender and bees

But I keep my mouth shut due to the awful memories

People see one thing but I’m another

It’s not their fault, so I try not to let it bother

Even if I do this and explain it repeatedly

The feedback I get makes me think oh the irony

When people insist on talking about the birds and the bees I blush

If you’ll excuse me while I go lose my lunch

Unless you were really listening

You still know nothing about me

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