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Shackled Prayer

Jesus Christ, son of God

I invoke your name with every word I pray
Let this be a message to all
And the witnesses, let them befall
Your Holy, saving grace

This Is My Confession
A sort of update trailing from last year
I have received a God send
Well really, a few
I’m proud to announce
With every part of my being
Be it fiber or ounce

Then I can understand a little more about my relationship with God and myself
I have indeed harbored jealousy ( and for that I am sorry)

Worry consumed me concerning the pace we traveled
And the paths I chose to take
We’re each in this together
Looped hand in hand

But to stay like that
My course of actions would need to be abandoned
So I paused, took a breath
And looked all around
Needless to say I wasn’t appeased

What I had found
There was encouragement sure
Comforting smiles and places to take refuge
But everyone’s sincerity fell short
Aimed in the wrong places
Attached to their own conditions

My own momma, my very best friend
Stood by me while gazing away
People laugh and say fake reality
But the one I found, God placed inside of me
Just like insanity faces its own rules

I feel like I’m crossing a bridge
That’s only substantial to me
The clock is ticking down
But time is of no essence within my realm

I was content to wait it out
Until I had the chance to prove without a doubt
Standing by until others were ready to listen
To say the least, I was pacified

Then I woke up one morning
To give a chance and taste the freedom
Only to realize I had another set of shackles

I had thrown society aside
I was ready to go out and wow
But the people caging me now
Were the very ones I wanted to be proud

I’m ready to find my own struggle
But apparently it’s not allowed
Thought I could rely on them
As I took my first look outside
Truth be told, they had something else in mind

My choices were left limited to one
I would have to fashion my own key
Leave behind the younger version
And come out an entirely new me
No longer will I be someone to doubt
To be told I was lacking, inexperienced

I’ve felt the weight of the world
And carried it on my shoulders
For the sake of my worlds written in ink
I can still carry even more
These shackles will only help
To drag my captors along at MY pace
I won’t slow down or speed up
For anyone besides myself on my walk with God

The lime light used to scare me
But I’m ready to use it
To share my stories
My creations
My books

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