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Lovely Lady's Bloom

The lonely cello in the corner of the room

Plucking notes into the air for the magnificent ball

But only as an afterthought

The music can only carry in the background

Without a voice to ring

It’s just another sound amongst the scene

When their music is not fully ‘alive’

How did the others survive?

They have books to give them the lyrics

They have dance to give them the Rhythm

They have emotion to give them the capacity

Looks like all they’re missing is the voice

Weaving your way through a poem

You were supposed to be reciting

The little nuances in your voice

Caught on, igniting

The words themselves a fierce passion

Guiding your soul out to take part

Even trickling out, they can still hear as you sing

The melody so quiet, soon it’s captivating

A hush stills everything

The silence magnifying your voice

Lost in the world behind closed eyelids

You remain unaware

Forgetting your surroundings

You leave the crowd entranced

And imagine their shock still yet

When you begin to dance

Your movements intertwining

With the voice to be a gliding

A lad stepped up to join your dancing

Known for his two left feet

Then soon he was a prancing

Joining in your flow

His entire face filled with happiness aglow

Your figures moved as if finally uniting

They all still wonder if his joy was contagious

Because then your voice suddenly grew

As if it was soaring around the room

Echoing from deep within you

When you hit the peak of your crescendo

It was then a sweet voice harmonized the tune

Opening up your eyes, voice slowly faltering

He took you gently in his arms

When your knees started weakening

A quick glance around showed streaming

A whole room of people with tears

The song changes, beat altering

All the poor widows rush to take up vocals

The most cumbersome of men

Joining the lonely cello

All the gentlemen took within their hands

Each a maiden of no marital plan

Urging the couples’ feet to once more continue again

After many a song passed, he gathered his courage to ask

Please, if you would, grace me with a small smile

After all, you have been dancing with the prince, for quite awhile

Embarrassed, she shyly smiled under the friendly gaze

Breath catching, the blushing lad declared

I believe you have just secured yourself a groom

Their happily ever after began at the sound of wedding bells

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