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My Pair

I may be Yin, but you’re definitely my Yang.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t always speak very well; all of my fancy words combined will still only have my love to tell.

Even if you’re rough around all of your edges; it takes grit to make me of all people a princess.

I had once given up on life and had no reason not to just become a mindless slave; but the thought of eventually meeting you was my only saving grace keeping me sane.

I’d rather meet you however you want to be met; versus trying to play a never ending game of chase instead.

Every second with you on my mind is another second closer to seeing my dreams come true.

Time only flies when you’re having fun
So let’s continue a little longer. Doesn’t matter when, but I hope you can work up your courage to ask for my hand.
Because I’ll definitely say;

But there’s a special word that I’ll be saving for the day I join you at the altar.
On the day you’ll finally be mine and I’ll be yours.

I will wait for eternity just to share my soul with you,
So just remember that when your life seems to stall
Even if all other strings to keep you grounded are cut,
Our red string of fate is still there to give a gentle tug
So that one day, you’ll find your way to me
Your love, your mate, your pair.

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