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Dedicated To A Follower

The hardest stories to read are the ones with bits of life weaved into them

It’s those perfect books that are well balanced and seem to capture the readers

Those are the ones with shards of experience threaded quietly into the words

Readers are left reeling when it all hits home, making them clutch onto it tighter

But its actually the authors who depend on their quills to tell someone

Even if it’s overlooked, just being able to share that past is a blessing in itself

Can you imagine the countless number of fans that hold a tragic piece of their idol?

Mourning, bickering, and raging against a silent demon as a whole?

Power in numbers, and safe amongst the crowds

While the reader is hanging onto every page, and voice opinions and protective beliefs

The writer is totally dependent on them for protection against the things eating away at their souls

An incredible author, and my follower:

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