Flash Poet

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An Author's Thoughts

Always worrying about what they write

Never sure if it’s actually good enough
Going over it, fine tuning and nitpicking
Rearranging it just to put it back
Constantly shadowing their page waiting
Anxious if anyone will even read it
Hoping at least one person would enjoy it
Delighted beyond belief when someone does
Ecstatic when they comment or reply
And more than happy to engage back
But the afterglow fades at some point
Leaving them to wonder if they’ll return
Saddened a bit, because why should they?
It’s understood that recognition takes time
More than a decade spent so far
Though waiting longer is only to be expected
So on to the next piece we go
Not quite able to crush the tiny, tiny hope
In the back of our mind
Of the reader from last time
Fine details finished, back to the shadowing
When seemingly out of nowhere
The reader from last time appears
Over the moon with silent tears
Silently thankful they can’t see
It broadens the far off Dream
That maybe we can grow a little more
Maybe more people would be secretly waiting
To read the latest work as soon as possible
That their page would sparkle even a little more
Develop a few dedicated readers
And look back to the times when
A single someone gave them the courage
Unknowingly, seemingly effortlessly
Simply returning was all it took.

My silent encouragement, I hope to see you again sometime soon!

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