Flash Poet

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I really want someone to make me feel like a princess today

But I’m not a damsel in distress

I gotta toughen up and grit my teeth

The tiaras and ball gowns can wait for now

Strapped in my battle armor

Eyes on the prize, but still won’t be blinded

Right now is the time to put in the work

Whoever joins me are the only ones worth it

I won’t spend my time worrying

Over those who complain

I don’t want them in my court

This queen will command a people

Whose hearts are as big as they are

Cuz we’re marching in today

And there’ll be chaos to pay

I will become a dragon in mind

A prowling tigress in spirit

Completely unstoppable in body

My soul will rage above my obstacles

There will be no need for a warrior mate

Fore I will defend mine just as well

Protect my heart love, while I protect you

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