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Hidden or Revealed

I’m tired of hiding

Living in this shadow

Still waiting for the night to come

When I can slip away under the cover of darkness

I-m only spotted when its convenient

So why can’t I disappear for the same reasons

The flashes of sunlight, never ending spotlights

Searing my skin

The coarse responses, haggard motions

From a damaged mind

Soothed only by the hidden shades

Cast on the ground by something’s shadow

Close to the border’s edge

Ready to cross over and make a break for it

Someone’s call rings through the air

Putting a damper on my foiled plans yet again

And the mantra of this saddened life begins:

Returning to repeat

Accomplishing the tasks of another

Begging to belong

Still unable to master the required stealth

Controlled by those who could care less

Till the clock chimes it’s time

Down in the dumps

Unwavering gaze never shedding a tear until

Everyone’s attention is occupied elsewhere

Victim to attacks that aren’t physical but verbal

Faith the only thing left to combat the unadulterated fear

Without a reprieve or wherewithal

Going down further, self confidence lower than the Grand Canyon

Xenic to some, to others xylyl

Hiding within my own shadow pleading for help

Yet I never accepted anyone’s hand throughout the years

Indisposed frequently but powering through my illness

Zealously trying to awaken from my own version of a zombie

Just trying to transform this coal into a brightly shining jewel

Kind hearted,

Loved immensely,

Meaningful to my surroundings,

Never indispensable,

One of a kind,

Pure at heart,

Quite the genius

Someone’s little ray of sunshine

Can’t this shadow sparkle?

I had forgotten that shadows were the most prominent

Closer to the peak of day than any other time

And the one responsible for holding me back was myself

Choosing to listen, choosing to abide and be obedient

Those fall on me

But so does the choice to remain hidden or reveal my talents to the world

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