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In The Night

There is a pleasant tiredness enveloping my mind and as well as my body in this brief lull between Dusk and Dawn. My mind is stayed on the Lord and steady in the calm reassurance that he accompanies me and no harm shall come to pass. Yet my body does move as in accord to prevent anyone the chance to upset this balance. I find myself blocking doorways and moving silently through the night with a knife in my grasp to warrant comfort in the knowledge that my actions and conscious shall meld into a single harmonious force of will. I know there’s not a single soul present, however I seek them out as if to be rid of them even a second sooner than they may appear. For how does one seek comfort if they live in total reassurance? This I do not know. For now, I must digress and lend an ear to sleep, to hopefully stave off these wicked turnings within my mind and finally rest at last.
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