Flash Poet

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These chains are filled with the darkest links

Anger, sadness, grief and malice in each chink

Bolted to this person, to this place

Where they connect to me, it’s a fiery ice

Hot pain and cold indifference

My wounds are still dripping

Blood seeping through the gauze

Coating even my flaws in it’s entirety

A new one is added after an event passes

Though it’s formation begins immediately

The colors are stained deeper shades

For each level of horror it passes through

My emotions are the building blocks

All the materials present and accounted for

Triggering actions, condemning words

A glare that thinks 6 feet under is too shallow

So lost in everything that I forget to actually see

Waiting as those I long for pass me by

Itching to run in the sun but frozen to the spot

Terminally exhausted with the spirit energy of a puppy

When asked I respond it’s fine, I’m good, couldn’t be better

Because I am:
Forever lonely
Injured within my soul
Not able to bear this weight alone
Estranged from anyone and everyone

I am:
Getting depressed
Only just getting by
Once again knocked down by life
Desperate for attention

And I really couldn’t be:
Begging for help from another deaf ear
Expecting you to know I’m hurting
Taking a breather
Tellingmyself the worst will be over soon
Ready to face reality, my demons, again

Only three little words
And they already account for
Fourteen chinks
In my chain of misery

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