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Self Love

My eyes are blue like the seas

So filled with wonder and curiosity
Instead of green like the trees
That’s a whole different set of mystery

My hair is thick and curly
With a length that’s fun to play with
Most times it’s quite unruly
As it blows around on the breeze

If you let the sun shine down
A range of colors you’ll see on my crown
A glittering gold, a reddish undertone
Dirty brown, a few white strands also shown

A cute little button nose
I’m happy even if it's only I who thinks so
A rounded baby face
Making it harder for aging to leave a trace

Ears that catch whispers
But shouts don’t ring a bell
Freckles that seem to come and go
As they blend in whenever I am most pale

Lips are a hard thing to describe
Especially those such as mine
Are they full are they sparse?
I just know that they are marvelous

A natural frown dragging them down
But when lit with a smile, I think ‘wow’
Soft to the touch, though guarded as such
Often times chapped, still bit while in thought
Small enough to get sauce all over my face

Hands that are so tiny
It’s a wonder how they keep up the writing
Attached to some pretty funny T rex arms
Though I’m told that it’s all part of my charm

Legs that are strong even if not too long
As well as a figure that boasts of curves
Age and weight are just numbers
They start low and continue to grow
Zero to one hundred, one day that’s gonna be me!

Small enough to get lost in any crowd
Tall enough to reach some of the highest shelves
The perfect height to be exactly my type
Maybe even attract someone else’s delight

But my laughter holds my soul
Ranged with dozens of different sounds
Sometimes it’s as if squeezing a windex bottle
Other times it’s like a dying cow

I’ve mastered the Wicked Witch of the West
Though the silent ‘I can’t breathe!’
Is what I do best
On rare occasions, even a giggle slips
Even earning a few startled compliments

If you could describe someone better
Please write me a letter
I’d like to meet one so praised by another
Though I still think I’m loved best by my dear mother <3

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