Flash Poet

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My core is broken

I use the fragmented pieces of my soul
To embed emotion into my hollow smile
Because what mechanic here
Can reverse and repair the damage

Just another broken girl
Scared to touch the mending boy
So it’s another trip to see Hades
No one else ever notices
Until it’s too late
Too late to help

But neither can be without the other
Just as nothing is as eternal as it seems
‘It doesn’t matter how many people sell you short, as long as you know your own worth’
Since everyone has their own prize within their eyes

And who’s to say that his last attempt at love
Won’t shatter his entire world
Having learned to live without the sun in his life
She threatens his acquired taste for darkness
Just as he disregards her only string of hope
After her first love destroyed her heart

Please, this old thing?
This one was healed in my own rite
By a lot of time and materials I built for this situation
It still struggles with sympathy pains
But if you keep it, maybe even the stains will finally fade
Crazy trade, but you’ll be just fine

I cradled the gift
Priceless, even if still scored with scars
A curse? Well whatever you call it,
It’s my very own blessing
He gave me a beating heart
So now I’ll give him what’s left of mine….
And pray things go differently this time

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