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This feeling, it’s so nostalgic that it hurts

Oh but look at that memory, with the shimmering...
Look at that one as a tear slips out the corner of my eye
This one too, it’s so bright and beautiful

All of these happy things, they’re like tiny knives
People try not to look back on the bad things, but I don’t know
Maybe it’s the good times that are the most uncontrollable
Sometimes, especially when the feeling is this strong
I wish I could also forget...
These fuzzy feelings, the tiny lights that make me so happy

Just for this one moment I’m lost
My heart is throbbing but my mind is Frozen
I’m too busy reminiscing,
Too busy with this nostalgia,
That I can’t move on, can’t Break Free
All of these good times mesmerize me

I know I’m happy now, just as I had been then
But what am I going to do with everything within?
It’s starting to scare me
I’m not sure where to place this unknown longing
And I’m running out of time

All I can do is stay
From the spot to never stray
To wait for someone to come and help me breathe
If I ever stop looking forward,
Even just to stop and take a look at where I’ve been...
I believe I will be paralyzed
And be hit again and again

I’ll cry and laugh
Rage all I can
Everything put on repeat once Nostalgia has set in
There’s no cure, only temporary treatment
The one I found is called the Future

Guess I’ll be seeing you my friend,
Because you know that feeling
That vice closing in around
The tremors that set in
Your heart going pitter-patter must beat faster

It’s already too late
All you can do is ride it out,
You have to be patient and wait
And the one who’s in charge isn’t you...
It’s the Nostalgic Nostalgia

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