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Hook Up, Hang Up

For anyone looking to score

A hook up please don’t.
I’m not interested
I won’t be interested
Not anytime soon

If you still don’t get the message
You can talk to my dad himself
His baby is too young
Too precious
To be bothered before she’s ready

And as a trucker
He can be at your house
Within days, within hours
No matter where you live
No matter how you hide

If you don’t heed the first warning
The second goodbye will be yours
This family is a tight knit group
Rivaling that of any wolf pack
Whether that be protection or defense

Trespassing will never be tolerated
First time a warning, second time repercussions
But cross into offender times three
And the last person you see will be me
Doubt it? I wouldn’t if I were you

This princess built her own crown
And daddy is the only knight this girl needs
You’re not my King and never will be
I was raised by the Queen Bee herself
Self sufficient. Put that on a coin and mint it

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