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Last Hoorah

I know it’s hard to appreciate something

You don’t understand
I’m not upset because you betrayed me
Simply furious
Because now
I can never trust you again

I don’t know how, where or when
But something just awakened inside of me
Don’t you worry though
I have a bottle of anger
With your name on it
And it’s called Last Hoorah

No need to fret, there’s a stopper in the top
However, when it’s opened….
You won’t be coming back the same
Contentment might be ok with others
For the silliest of reasons
But let’s make this our last ‘together’

Don’t you hate it when you know what is needed
Exactly how to do it, how to get it
But can’t put those plans into action?
So you end up right back where you started?
Maybe even less spirited... yeah, me too
Except on my own, I still do just fine

So when you finally get past
The heart racing and blood boiling
As you sit sidelined and watch me
Still climbing higher
Just like everyone else does
Remember you were the one who always dampened my mood
But never shall you ever anymore

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