Flash Poet

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You are soooo beautiful

I love your smile too
It’s gorgeous when your laughter
Lights up the room
And the way your eyes sparkle
Just from looking outside amazes me

I know your body isn’t great
But we still did our best!
Hope you can learn to love your curves
Learn to like every nook and cranny of your face
To not even look in the mirror every day
You won’t need to

It won’t be out of fear of judgment
In your own eyes
Or the sadness covered
By false cheer
But because you don’t need
To doubt yourself anymore

Seeing can be believing
But show the world
That you know what you look like
Splendidly amazing
Breathtaking both inside and out
There’s actually not a difference anymore

You know what you want
Now it’s time to go and get it girl
Strive to get that far off future in your grasp
You want to be loved?
Then love yourself
And the love everybody else

Those are the only two things
That ever need to be kept going my love
Others will come by you of their own volition
But don’t worry too much about it
Sometimes it takes time
And sometimes time takes you

This is an area of change
Not everyone will fit into it
Here just have a slice of life romance
Misery is not decisively needed here
Just let go and your imaginings
Can run wild or slip away

Take it one sip of air at a time
Breathing in, breathing out
The images of yesterday can and will fade away
Just keep believing and eventually
You can keep your heart from always bleeding
Reclaiming that warm fuzzy feeling

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