Flash Poet

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In tribute
To the ones who have fallen
Let us now
Pass on their legacies
By birthing the next generation
With their namesake

Hip hop butterscotch
Does it make your heart throb?
Pop the P
Let it be
Grab the bait
you’ll have to wait

I almost wish
there was a talking fish
So that it could help me navigate
Through this freaking ocean
Of possibilities I’m drowning in
Thanks to the life of a Legacy

Yas, be inspired
Set their souls on fire!
Live up to the very ones
That were so admired

Everyone surely has a fleeting thought
Concerning their life and what they will leave behind
Though I doubt few realize their own importance
Even if it’s ‘just a name’
It keeps your memory alive
And lets you share it with those who you have truly touched

Cheers my dears
Vanquish your fears
Someone holds you close
To pass on to those they love most
For honor, for remembrance
For tribute!!

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