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A Series Of Nightmares (Part 1)

*Note: events are all true events that scared me awake. However, not everything in a dream is true. So any relations to real people and places are imagined!*

The first one was filled
With many people
Though most of them were ghosts
At first they were just going on
As they usually would
But then they started whispering
Amongst themselves
Glancing my way.

Their voices grew louder
As I walked down the hall
I knew they were talking to me
That they wanted something...
Thinking about it now
It was probably because
I could see them and hear them
That they started reaching out for me

The voices became more insistent
But still intangible
And they were crowding slightly
There were also some louder
Clearer conversations

One said there was a ghost
Who recently died again
Sometime recently
Then I saw a toddler up in a hammock
He was most definitely a spirit too
But I needed to check if he was
To see if he was one of mine

He looked right at me
When I was beside him
I reached up to touch his side...
He wasn’t solid but also not opaque
He grabbed my wrist
Before letting go just as suddenly

He said something to me
That just kinda slipped away
Then I knew for certain
He wasn’t alive
I was starting to crack
Under the pressure from all of them
So I tried to stay calm
And went to go find my mom
As the lost and worried child I was

She was in her room like usual
I asked her some sort of question
About the ghosts, and said
They were pressuring me
More and more
That it was scaring me
Why was this happening?

She looked at me all nonchalantly
Replied with a simple
It’s because we are Empaths
They are drawn to us because of it
Because of our abilities
Then she went into the bathroom

I had kind of expected her to help me
But I had to wait until she got back
In her presence
The weight wasn’t as
Heavily pressed against me
But without her it crushed down

As they kept trying to talk to me
Make me hear them out
I threw the covers over my head
Starting to let it all out
Screaming in silent agony

The pressure in my head
Wouldn’t stop
Someone was dead
Some had died
They were all spirits
Of those who had passed

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