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A Series Of Nightmares (Part 2)

*Same disclaimer as the first part applies here as well!*

The next one
Was more obscured
Though just as terrifying
Yet harder to recall
Aside from key bits and pieces

There were the ghosts
But I was now
An acclaimed person
Of interest

I was being called a witch
Despite not knowing anything
About that rumor
Or about what else was being said

Something about I’m a witch
Named Constance
I’m the burning witch
The witch was set on fire
And burned for a thousand years
Her name was Constance

I will die
I’m the burning witch
So I will be set on fire
Like her... I am her... The same as her
I am the burning witch, Constance

And the ghosts
The ghosts
Everything spiraled after that
It was hazy
But the haze clears just enough
For me to realize
I was holding on tightly to a compass

It was like the thought of my keychain was imprinted upon it.
Like when I looked at this compass
I called it my star
And the phrase on my keychain
Was quietly repeated in my head
“Go directly in the direction of your dreams”

Something about this compass
Was to point me in the direction
Of my dreams and that I should follow
My path or something laid bare before me

And the ghosts
Tried to take it away from me
They were pulling on it
But I kept trying to get it back
Saying my star, no not my star
Please stop, this is my star, my star...

I am glad that I awoke
Before they managed their task
Otherwise I would feel empty
As I lived the rest of my life
Deprived; void of direction
Mourning the loss of my guiding star

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