Flash Poet

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I see London
I see France
I see someone’s underpants
They’re not blue
And they’re not pink
All I know is
That they stink

I see Skyre
I see Nightfall
I see their heirs fighting and searching
They’re not falling
And they’re not forgiving
I don’t even know
What it is that they seek

Author’s Note:

Zale is secretly from another land, which he is crown prince! At 19 years of age, he’s 2 years different from both Zypher and Alcatraz, 4 years younger than Van Helsing. It’s usually hard to determine what he is thinking at any given time, and he is always several steps ahead of everyone except the mysterious Zypher. The two seem to be an even match in most things and only surpass the other when their specialties come to the test.

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