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Hyper Rhyme

I keep ingesting small amounts of sugar!
To keep the pistons firing in my brain~
And then the resulting
Sporadic rushes
Equates to random
Side tangents
That brings me funny facts!

Who’s right? I’m Left!
Except when I will be right Bach
That means you are stuck with Beethoven
Since only one of us knows Fur Elise!
Which kinda sucks
Cuz I would love a partner to play with
Acoustic chords are yours
Fore I will read the notes!

A rainbow spills,
From the color wheel
But as long as it isn’t red!
That excites my Irish temper
Igniting like a flame
On a hot and sunny day
Blue cools me off~ along with a bit~ of rain~
The darker it is
The brighter I shine
So indigo is the way to go!

Caffeine high, sugar rush
Both crash after long
A grimacing fun falling down
I already drank my liquid gold
And ate my second wind
So now it’s time
To say goodbye
Let’s get hyper another time!

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