Abusive love

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A poem about my battle with a toxic, abusive relationship.

Poetry / Horror
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I thought you loved me.

I thought you loved me,

That I was the one who calmed your soul,

All the past pain would be long forgotten,

But instead,

Your heart was cold.

Affection turned into violence,

Making love became a force,

I begged for a soul to save me,

And then I realized I was on my own.

No one could stop the evil,

I couldn't bring myself to walk away,

Continued to fight your demons,

Until mine became overwhelming,

My life I no longer wanted,

You had told me it was worthless,

I believed you.

I survived my attempted suicide,

And still your reign consumed me,

Obsessed with being perfect for you,

Focused on saving you,

Instead of myself,

My mind so warped I thought I could,

But you sucked out any light that was left,

Leaving behind my broken soul,

A soul who only wanted to love you,

Love you and be worthy of yours.

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