Black Dragon zero : the Star Ninja

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This is a poem after the victory against the Bloody Souls under the Moon society.

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Long live James Fumetsu

Long live James Fumetsu, the Star Ninja

Killing each of his villains with his scarce sword

Sneaking in the darkness

To protect the kingdom

& finding a way to maintain...

Peace in the mind of other

& to erase everyone's sorrow & pain

Long live James Fumetsu, a hero who shines brighter than the sun

A hero who'd saved us the kingdom from The 8 Bloody Souls under the Moon Society who'd invaded the kingdom in order to gain power & fortune

There is no one in the area like James Fumetsu

A person who like to help others

A person who brings hope in people hearts

& who gives us the courage to keep going

Long live James Fumetsu of the star fairies

The Star Ninja

One day you will beat Sundel, the cobra magic-user to free the kingdom from darkness

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