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Broken is a short poetry about a girl who wanted to go to Paris since childhood.

Poetry / Adventure
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Let bygones be bygones, it's never happening, she says

From a small village in the east a horse neighs, the cows mow, and the kitten plays

A small big town, she is raised with big dreams that no one else attention pays

A farmer you can be, you know? Plant the seeds and dig until you get rich. Her parents proudly say.

So run child, run to the old barn and get help from Joe, hurry up to the farm the ground won't take care of itself, get the hoe and plough, till hurts the toe

Happy but sad, she goes on, till the dusk she stays, beaten by the sun back home she yearns for the coconut spray

Happy but sad, she has this book, pictures great they speak, the tower she wanted to see sits miles away....................

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