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Unspoken words from the thoughts in my mind that I couldn’t speak cause I loved them more than me. But they all blamed me for each and every one of there mistake. So I finally had to enlighten my point of view cause There always two sides and two ways to see a situation. So now This is what I finally had to say.

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Mercenaries force a power that only fueled the restrictions that reigned over and around me.

That Authorities looked for power yet gain nothing from my foes.

For I lay there Sheol before me not out of spite or bitterness.

But out of a providence that they thought they had on me.

For fate came and exhibited its name to bad now you can’t even speak his name.

Someone you all thought all high and mighty in all I’m his glory, remains with my name buried off his lips.

Now exhibiting Major pain from a sad story, that never again cause I don’t want to repeat another tearful story.

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