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My guardian angel that sponsors me started off so innocent.

Now look at my Devine message that needed to be told.

Was muted and left alone looking for advice as teen making choice that I needed loving parental guiding.

Now I switched up heard I screw up.

As of my speech and deeds it Was written by another spiritual being.

Even when my eyes ain’t closed I know that spirit that only contributed to me being me wasn’t even me.

And still I walk but to faded to see beauty in love or forgiveness.

That now I know apologizes can never pardon me from those who invested in me.

For they just wanted to see me succeed, wishes I produce for them to see in me.

You can love so much but constantly getting burned after burn after burn.

Need not even be speak for all eyes can see those burns on each arms that so closely I tried to hide not speaking of ungodly deeds.

Only 1 can judge me in the end and then they can finally see I was truly sorry.

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