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Tears of soul’

Behold these tears of joy that I use to weep when i was in your sight.

That need nothing more for your beauty marked my heart each and every night.

Scent of you and my penny who could do no wrong.

You scent left and only ferfume of the streets next me we’re I lost you every night.

That now my eyes burst out in fear cause I left you one handed.

These steps I choose not being aware of your own soul that I broke.

That now I can’t sleep at night constantly looking through that glass chancing nothings that meant nothing only looking for companionship.

Hoping perhaps reunights together our paths that only Allah brings back a trouble of mine and your past that we might can grow to something better that forever that could last.

But that’s only fairytales to each it’s own I finally scared you enough to never come home.

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