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No games

Please don’t waste my time

I’m only trying to live right, ain’t no one can take your place.

Cause when I’m with you my heart is at peace.

Two deuce to the left and right cause I want only you as my wife.

Now can’t I follow through with a kiss kiss to you and only you so that we can’t fall apart.

My game back so nice, so stop asking cause they had there chance now I’m back again to never depart.

With my buffy on hip and my buddy in my sock I ain’t playing had to say it once again from the start.

Vision was clouded when we said to never departed.

Only got clear when I had you in my heart.

Settled for the rest, each one a disappointment.

Ony looking for the best but obviously disappointed.

Thought you heard and even seen how much I could rebound.

Then again you looking elsewhere at stats In only the lost and found.

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