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Charged up’

Charged up it took away the thing that I held so dearly.

For Softness beautifies things and when softness is token away they lose their glamour.

Charged up he handed me the check.

Now I’ve fallen off dead to the world.

Charged up not looking for another twirl but an endless chance of some kisses not only from him but my girl.

Insipid to your view on the finagle details that only finks told of me.

Charged up they took the stand tried to give it the DA in forever banishing me.

That closed mouth can’t speak or eat but close mouth that have no one to talk to can’ only speak and confuse themselves.

Charged up I held my own with one piece, I’m clearing the room of most that just looking to spoon.

Back not rewind but to revise what you all believed had no voice thinking they crippled me.

Charged up, back to back now once again I’m trying to live again now come R.I.P. to those who could do no sin and no forgive.

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