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Awaken with Love’

Awaken from a dream that my mental state couldnt comprehend.

Striving to become perfect and when I'm not I know it's now ok.

I just hope that his sons under my own tent know a shade of me but we all to different.

Only asking for a chance to grow and to speak and comprehend.

Ashamed im not nor transparent or self-absorbed.

For my steps I answer for and to my own deeds you can try to Read with all your fake bizarrely ways.

Cause blood only flesh deep.

I'll continue stay meek that's why they named me jalil so please forgive me.

For once I read when brought back a man 100 more blessing to you on you day of ones self exam.

Only to read another Hadith to keep my blesssing increase.

So even if he knew why I do what I do would you judge him too.

Real recognizes no one for everything you been told was to blinded by so many lies that are told.

Rules to follow for who gain knowledge not on your own.

And it all comes back in description that cursed snake of green and gold.

Chasing to only stay afloat, not drunk diving only to sink when I couldn’t float with lost souls.

Smile son tommarow another day to shine an breathe in a seance of love again.

First sign he made us in.

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