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Learned to Teach’

Something new not french or without even spit.

For with you and me its so natuaral and beauty but raunchy with abuse.

That not even pharoahs couldnt duplicate but for me its so nice and straight.

And for queen i bend down and bleed for you.

Your name stay on my 1st sence ,and i bare your seed to give to my king.

With being your 1st mis deed you say in me.

But to finally comprehend to follow threw like two kisses no glass in each of my foot steps.

Now no fool to learning rather teach and grow.

Allah willing that i may see 40 more.

To see King do better than we all walk before.

For his blood is sawed and not told.

From a different respect and creed.

Fools might try to mis guide or lead.

But they can’t brake a bond that of a games of a new testimony and teaching.

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