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One of a kind in your own right; you look to impress by your own impression of Valentina.

Your stroll in your own extraordinary way, transcending throughout your own journey.

Only imagine that Three tattoo that put u in a mansion.

Tear drops that can’t never fade away or ever be left on your face.

That’s chills Suspense throughout my body when I look at you in your black and blue.

Together on our beach that which so beautiful like the one called Maui.

Time we’ll see not always guaranteed another 18 seasons of course.

That I fantasy more trying to teleport back to that Ashanti boogie.

An admission in our own hands welcoming only Andrea in our black Lambo grandstand.

So precious so pure so clean and honest.

That you absolutely make me believe of something different even when I’m weak you give me breathe to breath.

Time will tail that we both never have To post another bail.

But you and me we both unparalleled to any whosoever think they coming between.

That the end of the day I’ll be here forever your one and only godly being man to the end.

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