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On Cue’

So on cue you provided a wormth of love that was at a readiness.

So welcoming the value of an attraction that was so overwhelming.

In my eyes perfection in your stride within everyone of our encounters.

Looking at you smile my mind could only ponder.

Trying to hide what my past was Doing when you all wanted to be doing.

Slept in it after the first date felt so right yet my mind still gravitate to what mistake I was going to make.

Vibes that appeared to be real but unclear not only in my mind but in my pennies.

You still brought beauty More precious than a picture in it’s startling beauty.

That in the end of my Dream, you can even be my Wife forever in being my Bonnie.

Weekend played in a moment in time so extraordinarily and unique.

The strength of purpose I saw in you twice a week in a splendid way.

Good looks didn’t even matter but luckily gorgeous was written all over your body.

One blink I was strip and cuffed and token away.

Without a message To convey or speak.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more in your eyes for in mine you still unforgettable.

So Happy to see you smile even if it’s not with me for I know how far you come and grown.

That I know how much strength you have and me being alone I know how to grow for you shown me love that I was not weak.

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