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Changed my dilemma at the alter.

I slept, awakened I surrendered to succumb to a different variation of which I obtain to survive.

That now a new deviant breath subsides to that which only told lies.

Sweat Marie at your feet I could always bleed to my death of your memories.

Even when they were all fatal and troubled steps.

For you always will be Out of sight but always in my chest even when I take my breath.

To legit to quit for she Gave me hope when I was weak and incomplete.

How I miss my Marie, for the courage she gave, I miss her giving me that prescient’s to know what to do.

Frustrated in malicious ways that had me confusion to what to do.

Now I know who I needed for me to succeed even without my precious Marie.

It was only me me me.

Now You’re my number one and my number two.

When It came to trouble I had to count to more than one or two, even three.

Now I’m yelling to my punishment of pain that fades away to only leave tears and blood runing down my face.

Now I had a face that I had to leave home badly even though I sneak in to sleep.

Being a roughneck only came across as disrespect,

when all I wanted was you respect and attention at fame.

Now I’m yielding only at your feet. You always be my hero my cheat sheet.

Even when we didn’t have a lot hamburger helper stayed in our pots.

And really never ate my green but I sure tried to strike up some OG green.

I know now I put you through a lot. Group homes, to the the halls, to the the pin behind bars.

Activities you told me I’m in my fathers foot steps.

Now all I desire is for your health and well-being to be able to care for me with the same love and energy, you give everyone else’s sanity.

Now I’m healthy and I’m in good shape. Mentally I abused my fate.

That now I can think clearly for second to provide an apology.

Hopefully allah can permit forgiveness that you might hold onto me of my past mistakes.

Allah bless my family name that I tried to confirm how much I adore you by switching it up.

For you made me and life changed me but I’ll never forget how you raised me.

For allah knows how much I love and miss my Susan Marie.

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