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Sugar Babies Separation

Only started tasting freedom when I’m honest,

And when I learn that when I’m weak I’m seeing Allah is with me being the strongest,

For everyone is crooked some just Better at hiding it .

Like that which they hide them from me and me from them without any notice.

Clearly choosing on how good does freedom taste.

When your blackballed cause they think you being with every body. When in return I’m never even seen most of any body.

I hope they give me the forgiveness they going to need to give themselves one day.

For deeds I obtain weather well or Ill willed.

Who are you to go around delagating blame and awarding order in how each one claims a new body.

So high tech on another level he got the ip and when logged in they checking all log inns.

seperating who get to see between you and me in never having a chance until they had there fix.

For me it’s all trash not once can I see what was only played with on his last leg.

So exscuse me cause obviously you the judge of social integrity.

Face to face nothing to say and I might not even know who you are in you hating me this way.

Yet ends you give and took away being judge of social separation to each of those babies that came over so surgery sweat.

End the end they meant nothing to me, only was looking for friends but when known of there malicious intent my hands ended up being the only one speaking.

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