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Between these lies ‘

Looking between the lies that I find a sickness that can only fill from an envious one.

Gifts that I never wanted to treat that you deceived in optaining.

That you thought of me behind on your knees with a man who came to ask for pardon fee.

Only him looking from me was for a real beating to optain and still say it was desereving.

Jeopardy was a beat away for my faith held strong in keeping my liberation.

Another bail and reject that left me going home looking for a new home.

For my mouth could tell no lie that my hands could teach a lesson too.

That knowing now your too strong for just one bone of lies.

Will keep me growing away from a punch of two.

Never turning back or looking through the glass for my cup is half full and I’m cool with that.

For I only wanted and need my own deal in partying ways, left alone on my own hill I promise you see one day.

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