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Excuse, broken, eyes’

Exscuse my hands had Covered up an understanding of myself that i needed to never show.

But to have to show to those that Couldnt read any other scripts that I played.

Did I need to tell you I walk with a blue Chip.

Bent but not broken, stumbled but got up even without knowing what to do next.

Perfection is the only way I see myself.

Understanding that I'm far from perfect and still Crude.

That I gave only a half a thought to your bulletin you wrote to those you curse at random.

Only to rewrite you a bulletin set to be hand giving with new bullshit for you solve.

In your slave mental state that you think you broke by giving a crumb to the ones you so idol over.

Love, laugh, forgive, myself first to pass it on to even those who wish me ill-will.

That they wish to see me fail just for them to succeed.

For they Called me stupid not one not twice but Countless times and still I amaze myself and Cant understand why.

Does speech need to reveal what is covered by your blind eyes.

Cowards reveal multiple words that only try to confuse that a wise man had few words that was real and true.

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