The Eyes of the Valley

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In the high hills, dirt roads, and rivers of the valley of new Kingston lies a history , a connection to the land that is not met with the eye but felt with the heart felt with your soul

Poetry / Adventure
Brianna Hunter
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History of 1777

Amongst the time of degradation, sinfulness, sorrow laid a blaze, a blaze that would last a lifetime. Who knew the simple ness of a flame could create such antiquity? Bring one story to and end but start another. A stream of self -centered acts for the longing of one single thing, power. The word itself holds great depth, for no one could ever reach. This single word controlled itself, it held power of its own. Power caused greed, sorrow, and a eternity of violence. For a simple person would do anything to hold it, even the smallest bit. The blaze of 1777 with the town of Kingston was just one of the sinfulness acts that occurred.

On the year of 1777 British set a blaze (Kingston) that rushed through the borough swepping many to all dwellings away. Flames stealing lives, houses, and land, one after another. That day one story ended to only start another. A story that would last an eternity and warm hearts at the sound of it.

Robert Livingston jr. decided to form a “New Kingston” for the victims of the fire. Livingston wanted the suffers to have a new place to start, a place of security, pride, love, and compassion. A place where the folks would support and help one another. Within that time the community did just that. The community had taken what was given to them and formed the village they needed to survive. From barns for dairy production, churches, shoe and blacksmith shop, to post office and a beautiful two story house. To which most all still stand to present day. The two story Greek style house built by the late Isaac Birdsall, still stands today next to the post office in which Isaac had ran. Throughout generations these buildings, businesses still stand, as well as the descendants from the original settlers. Some of the descendants consist of Van Benschoten, Elliots, Winters, Russels, Hewitts, Sanford’s, Dumonds, and Scott’s. Most of which still reside in the hamlet of New Kingston.

The original barns built by the late settlers are still ran and used today. New Kingston and near by valley residents survive off farming and dairy production. For to most of the residents it is the way of life, what they were always taught.

All in all, this one fire caused by the British led to a whole new community that formed a whole new history. A new world of meaning and depth, and I’m hear to tell that story. To tell the story and the connection of this small village of new kingston. To allow everyone to see what this valley truly holds within.

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