Whitened Black

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We as humans question and our quench for more questions is never filled. We read, we see, we taste, we question everything we read and can't unread, things we see and can't unsee, things we taste and can't untaste, things we can question that can't be unquestioned... We continue to question.

Poetry / Drama
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We Are

We are manity

I was alone

Then out of one

Two could become

After that there were too much to count

Try counting the grains of sand on that mount

Grab your hair, go ahead and count

We stupid beings learn but remain stupid

Thank Yah’s Way for wisdom

However, we are still all liars and dumb fools

In the end, we begin anew

When we die, we are born again

While divided, we are together in that vision

When we are together out of love

We are all dead

In fact more dead than the deepest lie

We arise so we can wear ourselves out

Therefore, we sleep

We sleep to recover and to recover will be practiced repeatedly

Practicing to die


Once upon a time, we spoke one language

Him, and I

I and Him, man and I Am

Eye to eyes experience has never been the same

We only experience most things in two eyes

Many minds

Three perceptions

Moreover, the living Truth we so trustfully murder

We are vanity

And we are a doomed who

Items deemed twice to redeem

It made no sense so I did it again

Against the tides of logic our stupidity reigns like how thunderstorms fill a topless ocean

We wish, receive and demand some more

Who is this man?

Who is this simple entity?

Who gave him desolation in exchange for his soul’s aptness?

With a successful complex entitlement complex

Who is this black with a white complexion?

A step is powered by the heel and shin

In addition, we learn that no one understands anything but He who made the place we abide His footstool

Who is this man?

Where is he who so intelligently behaves like a wretched fool?

Believing in things he never seen as if the evidence of the unseen is in not seeing to believe

I do not believe a cup is for drinking

Its simple knowledge worth sinking in

The secret is

The truth was there yesterday

The truth is here today

The truth will be here tomorrow

It is the truth

It’s longer than the days of our lives

Stronger than men

Man’s perception was wrong

Always is

Will always be

Bees will fly cos they are bees

Any perception about them means nothing

They make honey and to sweetness, it is the whole shebang

Ships voyage through the tempestuous sea while the open eyed walk like sheep along still waters

Flocks fly into the storm never fly out, while His tell the storm to be still and it listen

Pay attention sheep

We are the answer of who

Hu manity is

Who vanity is

Humanity is

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