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Thoughts written down from memory’s of sunny days and painful days. Each one a struggle that can finally be released and given a weight off my shoulders. To achieve a certain type of sanity in my mental growth development. So forgive me if I offended you in anyway cause more than offend it wasn’t you it was me I’m speaking of. Unconditional love is all I have at the end of the day.

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Family Amor

Cloudiness came from a deceitful sharpen cheek that all along I thought loved me, but they was acting worse than my enemy.

Even though worse than a foe I look to what I heard from wisdom before,

La familia no es una cosa importante. Es todo.

Damn how much can my heart ache, that I never could see the hate that they felt about me.

Another saying that I kept to look to,

Familia: Donde le vida comienza y el amor nunca termina.

Now look the whole world knows of my biggest mistakes, that my hands gave tough love thinking I was strengthening them from there mistakes.

Now I can hardly breathe knowing my arms had place a sense of love that they all took as hate,

For mi familia es mi vida.

In every song in every note in every way in my walk and within my speach.

Allah knowing each of my intention will always forgive.

Cause I’ve have to walk away and live for my own reborn family in my chase for my own sanity.

That now I know what is so essential to teach and educate to my own 1st unborn.

But then again who what him when everyone isolated him when they running around doing the same thing he was doing.

Lo último que siempre queda es familia.

Forever never more, once again thank you all for strengthening me from within.

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