I'm Probably Fine

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A collection of poetry written by someone trying to understand life and why it is so hard sometimes.

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Shopping at William Sonoma with my Mom

I stole the plastic lemon from the kitchen store

It was in a bowl of mixed fruits

because somehow a bright yellow orb

is meant to convince me to buy some dishes

I know stealing is wrong

but I was bored

and had I been alone I would have never entered the store at all

I saw the lemon

sitting there

mocking the hands in my pockets who itched with desire

So I pretended to be the type of person who cared about expensive pans

then snatched the small, pointless object and shoved it into my coat

I rubbed my fingers along its curves

It felt nothing like the real thing, covered with artificial bumps

The edges were soft enough to be pushed in

leaving man-made craters where my nails had been

and it did not let my hands smell sweet

Yet walking through the mall this tangible secret invigorated me

It was mine

It was worthless

but it was wrong

And now it sits in a box in my room

As a reminder of the rebel that lives within me

With one grape, one strawberry, and two olives

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