I'm Probably Fine

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Ode to my Gynecologist

In a room of plastic privates

A calming force appeared

With yellow shoes and braided hair

She told me not worry

I was not forced to discuss the penis

My preferences respected

by a fellow lady lover

The safety lecture was adjusted

A wizard or magician

The only one who thought to help

A girl like me who’d been ignored

In my public education

A magic dixie cup with urine

Somewhat cloudy and uncared for

Was met with no judgmental voice

Simply a loving warning

And it was quickly taken care of

with a little cardboard sheet of pills

And Some cranberry flavored healing

A savior for my womanhood

And again I was respected

Despite the shrieks and awkward sounds

When the frozen probing

In my nethers did begin

And quickly I was out the door

No demons in the pee

My insides neat and tidy

Freedom to have fun again

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