I'm Probably Fine

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A Funeral Song

Not everyone grows up to be an astronaut

You showed me the song on a long ride

Home from the house of a girl I don’t even talk to

The drive more fun than any time spent there

Not everyone was born to be a king

You would play music

And share with me everything you knew

About whoever was on the radio

Not everyone can be Freddy Mercury

You asked if I’d sing it at your funeral

You always loved my voice

And I agreed, thinking I had years before that day

But everyone can raise a glass and sing

We played the song

And drank beers in the church basement

Offending old ladies

Just like you’d have wanted

I haven’t always been a perfect person

Everyone shared their favorite moments

Ignoring the hell we’d be in

Pretending you had done no wrong

I haven’t done what mom and dad had dreamed

Of course it’s hard to hold that against you

But on the day I day they’ll say at least I fucking tried

You did what you could

With what you had

And tried to make me as happy as possible

I know that

That’s the only eulogy I need

This poem uses the lyrics of Eulogy by Frank Turner

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