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A story is what the reader interprets it as. I started this when I was feeling uninspired with my other story. Yet it brought to life some new and interesting ideas. Each is a bit different, but who doesn’t like learning about the unknown? Lol, later✌️

Poetry / Mystery
Arianna Grisanti
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Do you ever wonder what could happen if we find forever? When time never ends and the infinite cycle haunts you. When routine turns into lifestyle with or without you. What happens then?

If the river runs deep then how far are you willing to dive in? Will you risk it all or stick to the shallow waters? How would you swim in your immortality? Are you willing to live in the infinity? Or are you drowning in your own infidelity? Unfaithful to yourself and your pre-existent psychology.

Asking yourself, what is it about me? You’re spiraling in circles as the clock ticks loudly. Can’t even make out your own surroundings.

Then everything freezes. You’re stuck in slow motion. It got quiet again. But what is it that is being hidden within this silence?

Everything is a mystery. My mind is playing tricks on me. The path that I’m supposed to take keeps twisting and turning. There is a possibility there’s something I’m not learning. But this is a probability that I am not yearning.

You got to find the missing piece if you want to solve the puzzle. Life is a maze and the change is not subtle. A moment will pass and the movement will continue.

The visions you see may not be a consistency. The meaning of time is a transparency. In need of a reflection of the life in everything. The ideals of beauty were born a conspiracy. And now we are back to ideology. Because who said finding forever would be easy?

There is no simplicity in the never ending repeat. Listening to the tale of your own morality. Reading the story of your whole life’s history.

Looking back yet moving forward. It can make you lose your footing. Just remembering if I trip the entire universe is going with me. Meaning you have to think quick while having this existential crisis.

All that lives will die one day. Time is the only thing standing in the way. You can see the pattern shown before you. But your mind is shattered and the patterns s

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